One of the best parts of Expo is all the sweet, sweet coffee you come home with. From roasters all over the country, maybe a special lot or a competition coffee, as much as you can jam in your carry-on (much to the befuddlement of TSA). Facilitating some of the swapsies fun—but perhaps with a more community-focused, educational bent—is Cafe Imports. The coffee importer is bringing their Legendary Coffee Exchange to the SCA Expo this week to connect roasters with their counterparts for a good old-fashioned coffee tasting. And to sweeten the pot, Cafe Imports is giving away an Ikawa sample roaster to one lucky participant.

This is the second year the Legendary Coffee Exchange will be operating in-person at Expo. This year’s swap works like those in previous years. Roasters sign up and bring a bag of coffee they have roasted—preferably eight to 16 ounces—with them to Expo to be dropped off at the Cafe Imports booth (2166) any time before Saturday at 3:00pm. After that, CI will then pair up roasters, who will then be able to pick up their counterpart’s coffee at the CI booth to take home with them.

Back home, roasters will cup the coffee and share their thoughts, any feedback, or questions they have with the cross-country cohort using an info card provided by Cafe Imports. And if a coffee swap isn’t enough to pique your interest, Cafe Imports is giving one participant at random a brand new Ikawa Pro 50 sample roaster.

The Legendary Coffee Exchange is completely free to take part in, and pre-registration is open until Wednesday, April 19th via the Cafe Imports website. After that, sign-ups can be done in-person at the Cafe Imports booth, so make sure you bring some coffee.

For more information, visit the Cafe Imports official website.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.